The Hostage

OK, I'm not gonna write a book.  Great book that'd be...


"Got kidnapped by the worst pirate crew in the World.  Now I'm bored."

The captain was supposed to come down weeks ago and walk me off the plank.  That was weeks ago.  Has to be!  I had the lock picked, made myself a shiv out of a sharp hinge, had the whole scene planned out.  I was gonna grab the captain around the neck and say, "Bring me to shore or the Captain gets it!"

Oh, I had it all planned out.

And then they never came back.  I honestly don't know what's worse, having someone wanty to feed you to the sharks or being forgotten about.  In a wierd, way, well, it kind of hurts.  Not that I'd care.  But I don't.

It's not like I've got much to worry about.  The food's kept in the next cargo hold so it's pretty much a buffet. 

 I'd go on deck, but, how dramatic would that be?  On any other ship, there'd be a ruckus, a real ruckus!  And they'd say, "Avast ye, scallywag!" and I'd swing from a long rope and there'd be swashbucking.  But here?  Anyhow, like I said, I don't care.  They're just stupid pirates anyways.  I'm just gonna go nap on a sack of grain.

Ho hum.

The End

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