Mr Pligitt Observes an Awkward Celebration

Dear diary

I am afraid that I took my sleep just as the Fantasma's boats were approaching, as I had stayed up all night so was very sleepy, and the moon had just been eerily covered up by clouds temporarily providing me with the absolute darkness I need. I had my usual ten minute sleep, before waking up and seeing all the Fantasma's boats rowing very speedily back to their ship. I observed them with my telescope.

One was suddenly overturned, and the crew were promptly consumed by the millions of Great Killer Pirahna Sharks of Imminent Death that prowl these waters. Luckily, we are not quite in the waters of their cousins - the Flying Great Killer Pirahna Sharks of Imminent Death.

Well, the rest of the crew stumbled into the Capitana's cabin and woke her up. They seemed to tell her something, and then suddenly she grew very angry and shouted something at them, then began writing in her diary.

As she was writing, still very angrily (much more so than usual I must say) she was climbing up to the crow's nest, perhaps to escape the rest of the crew, I'm not sure. Anyway,she decided to stop writing and look out to breathe in a bit, when suddenly... When suddenly she noticed me, I think. It's a little hard to tell, I'm not entirely sure what being noticed is supposed to feel like, but that felt like it.

Well then she began writing in the book again, and staring at me with one eyebrow suspiciously raised. How very odd.

Later this morning, I heard Captain Bottoms explaining to the now woken and groggy crew how there had been a battle, which they had won. The crew began to comment loudly on how the ghost of Mr Roe, a thing they had first thought to be a curse, was in actuality a blessing, for it had obviously scared the attackers away. Then one said loudly 'Arrr, I do believe we've won our first battle', and then there was general murmuring and bringing out the rum for the crew, with wine for Mr Claude, and ginger beer for Master Jimmie, and ale for Mr Bobby, and warm milk for Mr Tarquin. Then they all said 'hooray for the pink daffodil' and murmured happily for a bit. The Captain, Master Jimmie and Mr Sawbone were strangely quiet.

All is well on the daffodil at least. I myself would feel much happier if I did not suffer from vertigo.

The End

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