Damn them all to the depths of....

I don't know how they did it! Bunch of idiots, the lot of them, but they still managed to defeat my crew. The pirates of La Fantasma all came running back to me, shameful and booty-less.

How am I supposed to explain THIS one to King Frederic? Huh?!

I tell you now, those yellow-bellied henchmen of mine deserve everything that's coming to them...

They have totally humiliated me in front of Captain Sandy. Sandy, of the Pink Daffodil! He will think I'm some sort of pathetic little weakling who can't run a ship!

Mind you, he should take a glance in the looking-glass if he thinks that way...

Anyway, I have already taken to my crow's nest with my telescope, plotting my revenge. In the crow's nest of the Pink Daffy, there's a man. All he ever does is stay up in the crow's nest. He doesn't ever, ever come down.

It makes me wonder what I can do with him. He is obviously a little soft in the head.

Not like me of course. Not like La Fantasma Traviesa!

La Fantasma Traviesa shall rise again!!!

The End

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