Hans Vans der Lipp

Aaaargh me sweet Revern.  Off to the foamin seas with ye.  Yer preachin's stayed wi'me, talkin about the G'd Lor' an'is well wishes and singin 'is hymns.

"A tira-tra lee, sweet chariot, c'min forth to carry me

an' muh Clara dancin't'' Amsterdam

Naaaargh, Naaaargh, Naaargh

We're ne'er just makin promises that we know we'll never keep"

Tubby been off t'is cabin last, drinkin' 'is Tubby games, he runs outta de whisky, but Old Hans, yaaarh, I still got  me ma rum.    He's nic'er nuf fella, but I pictur'em with an apple a stuck 'neath 'is nose like a boar and I, me laugh a little but its all'en good fun, Tubby boy.  Is all in good fun, old Hans weren't hurtcha.

That thar cat, if I werent mistaken, wull, I thinks old Hans has met him  before!   Ye looks like Mister Perchy. 

Ho! Whats't over the h'rizon, ships?   Rowin' boats.   Is Hans old eyes foolin' me tricks?  Every'un musta gone out lookin' fer fish leavin me heres to wait fer'em.  I'll wait fer ya.   You catch'em an' Ole Han's'll gut'em.

 Be'er make me way off the deck, the Cap'n ne'er likes me slumbrin aboard. 

What in Revrends names approachin, who is that creature,, prancin and jumpin, me Lord, i got to gets me off the rum, that cunna be me   lad, Jimmy Shikes,  a yellin anna wavin'.  Lookin' real good affer bein food fer thar sharks.  Come an' tell ole Hans a tale or two of yer shark fightin'. 

Whatcher yellin and wavin' fer, Jimmy? 



The End

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