Mr. Pligitt Observes a Drunken Outburst

Dear Diary

Tonight I have been watching the ship that is sailing not a mile away from us, with the old brass telescope I seem to have. The ship is called the Fantasma Traviesa, and I believe I have seen it before.

I remember, the night before their captain - is she a man? It's hard to tell by moonlight - anyway, she watches the ship and laughs now and again before muttering into a glass of wine.

Anyhow, earlier tonight, she had about four or five glasses too many, and wandered upstairs to her room and lit a candle. Then she had about three more glasses while writing in a small leather book and muttering wildly, laughing at the end. Then she fell asleep on her desk.

Well, a small fat man with a moustache entered the room while the candle was low. I was still awake of course, as seagulls hardly come here by night. Anyway, he finished off the bottle, and then read the book, la capitana's diary I believe. Immediately, his eyes grew wild. He then ran out onto the deck of the ship by moonlight and began ringing a bell and shouting. Soon, the crew had assembled in overalls and pyjamas, and the small moustached man read to them from the little book.

Immediately, they began to shout and run, and get guns and load cannons and drink wine. It is morning now, and I believe they are coming this way, a few in rowing boats, while the small man is coming up behind us the Fantasma Traviesa with most of the crew. The captain of the ship must still be asleep. I wonder what is happening.

If there is a battle, I also know that the crew of the Pink Daffodil had a drinking game with whisky last night, which Tubby won, and I do not believe them up for it. Perhaps I will join in by peeling apart pieces of wood and throwing them down.

I hope all is well. The seagulls aren't coming this way as often.

The End

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