Ain't be too bad a day at'all.

Dear Diary,

I catch meself surprised at the well bein's on this Friday.  I find meself whistlin' ole sea shantys from me merrier days.    I find me self havin breakfast afore noon fer two days in a row.  Seems me pep talks for Tubby about "skinnin him alive and feedin 'is carcass to the sharks" were well heeded.

And aaaargh, even the young'uns on deck aren't gettin me ire.  Methinks a week ago I may have been a gale size angry at young'uns on deck.  Me can't even fathom lettin' them on board.   Aaaargh, but they be at least dressed up as pirates yellin pirate like things so's I can't be too sore about the lil' deckmice.

Marceau and Belliverde be paintin the boat, practicin safety by holdin each others hooks and ere I besmudged  the colour pink, well, methinks a brighter pink is a better pink at the very least.

Puppyfish has made 'imself a place on the ship, up in the crowsnest navigatin the ship like a true master.  Poor bugger can't utter a word but when he wants the good crew to steer to port, and they don't unnerstand him, he just writes his instructions bigger and easier, and if that ernt good enough, he just points.  Me thinks me ship's found itself a way to sail.

The good reverend's even got a little hope in him.  'Eard'im use the word "Heaven" once yesterday and me thinks that's a good sign for a bloke so preoccupied with Hell.  Hans' been off the rum and been drinkin' ale so's at least he finds his way off the deck some nights.  The good surgeon hasn't had to pull a cutlass out'er ne'er a leg in sometime and has found himself sails to stitch.  A good thing b'cause I can count on him not sewin them to his britches.  And that bloke Shafted has been quiet and that's good enough fer this Cap'n.

All this good sailin' has me thinkin' to me good years before me long lost brother left to find his true origins.  I remember me days when I first met me Maria, when she'd hold her cutlass at me throat and I'd ask me mom to borrow the ship for the night.  Maria and I would duel for hours, her bein the better dueller and me havin the better brogue.

Methinks myself fortunate that this day's er destined to be a good'un.

Friday, June 13, 1719

The End

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