I am starting to like this ship.  A lot!  Jimmy came in the other day.  Firstly, it was good to see him because everyone thought he was eaten by sharks. 

And then he asked if he could sleep in the galley.  I thought he was making fun of me because thats pretty much what I do in the galley.  But he was serious!   He had a hammock!  And that's where I am right now, laying on the hammock, teaching Jimmy how to cook.  It's a pretty good deal all around.

This is my new routine.  I wake up in my quarters and then walk down to the galley and find my way to Jimmy's hammock.  By the time I get here, Jimmy's got breakfast all ready and all I have to do is yell "Come and get  it!" and Jimmy hides.

I think he finds the work in the galley easier than being yelled at by the Skipper on deck.  Works for him, works for me.  Plus, the Captain hasn't yelled at me since Jimmy got here.   Fine bys me.

Sitting here watching Jimmy cook is a thrill.  I'm surprised half the crew isn't scared of him the way the little guy handles knives.  Two at a time and faster than I've ever seen.  He's flipping them in circles, behind his back and never misses his mark. 

Sometimes,he'll throw a cucumber in the air and then a knife right after it, nailing the cucumber to the wall everytime.  Then he'll wink, and say, "See that, Tubby?" and I'll clap.

Then, I'll see how far I can make a cantaloupe bounce off my stomach and yell "Cannonball!" and that sends Jimmy giggling.

Aaaah.  Good times.

Gotta go.  Hear the Captain comin'.   


The End

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