The Galley

Sleepin' in the crows nest has got right uncomfortable, of late. When the wind gets up, it's like takin' a nap on a kite, twistin' fit to tie me in knots!

I been spendin' some time in the galley. Tubby be a good enough sort. He always looks on the bright side o' the day, as me mum says.

Tubby can't cook worth beans. Can't cook beans, either. Just this mornin' I see him tryin' to fry green beans fur breakfast.

I come up with an idea. Tubby is so blind to his own surroundin's that he probably won't ever figger me fur a girl. I could be wrong, though. People can surprise you sometimes.

Anyways, I been spendin' a lot of time in the galley, choppin' vegetables an' stuff. There's a  food storage room offa the galley that is fairly big. There's lotsa a room to rig a hammock.

It'll keep me outta  the wet and cold in the crow's nest, and it'll give me a place to lock meself in if I need to.

 I've been lookin' through the junk in the hold, and I found an old iron bar. I rigged the inside of the storage room so's I could bar the door, like on La Capitana's ship.

I been helpin' Tubby learn to cook, at least as best I can remember from what me mum taught me. I asked him just this mornin'  iffen I could bunk in the food locker, and he said it didn't matter to him attall. I took that fur a yes.

Sir Percy likes it in there. Lotsa mice come lookin fur food, but they find a big fat ole cat instead. That's lucky fur me. I don't much like mice.

Jimmie Shrike

The End

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