Back At The Pink Daffodil

I managed to get back to the god forsaken pink ship and you have to admit it is an amusing sight. What on earth did Captain think he was going to achieve with a pink ship?

I am really upset that Captain Maria would not take me aboard she had good reasons not too like the being robbed of my purity which I am saving. But it would have been nice to be able to be a girl and not pretend to be a boy I really hate it.

When I got back Captain was questioning me on my where abouts he seemed mighty suspicious of me, I hope to god he isn’t beginning to see me for what I really am because I would never get off this ship intact yer they have a pink ship but they are no wimps a little dumb yes but they are able to kill if need be look at what frenchy did to two-tooth.

I have started to notice some weird things round here. Is crazy contagious? I swear I saw someone walking along the boat the other night but then they disappeared half way. I had not drunk any rum or nothing can't stand the stuff and I like to have me wits about me around these ingrates. That Preacher has been (apparently) muttering on about ghosts on the boat it must be catchy I have to get away from here as soon as I can.

Well also the other day I spotted a ship spotted from the crow’s nest, Captain Bottoms called for attack but whoever it was at the helm zig zagged with wind and well the attack was not very successful it looked more like we ran away but to be honest with you it was for the best they have heart but no brains and if it did come to a fight we would surely loose. Who in their right mind would be bothered by a pink ship anyway not very fear inducing in fact when they saw us they probably were laughing so hard they could not move maybe even some fell over bored. Come to think of it if that was the case we would win maybe that was Captains goal disable them so they are easier to pick off in an attack.

Percival is doing much better now though he is healing and fur is growing back already he is such a brave soul more only friend on this god forsaken ship and the cretins they call the crew.

That Dogfish or whatever is a strange fellow not said a word he just walks around or writes in his book seems to be something going on in that mind of his you can see it in his eyes. They are eyes that tell a tale of a life full of misfortune and loss I really want to know his story but he is just as creepy as this ship is.

I am also becoming more paranoid Captain Maria’s words are sticking in my head "Well Janey, if Bottoms' sorry crew hasn't seen you for a girl by now, they probably won't for a while longer. You've already proven that you can defend yoirself.  As soon as you reach Europe again, get off, no matter where it is." But she is saying I don’t have much longer till they start noticing and now I see more than ever before the stares of the crew on me and Captains more than most as his looks lustful and if he were to find out anyway in which he might I don’t think I would be able to stop him! I have to get off of this ship as soon as, That should not be long we have supplies enough for a couple of weeks I will escape I will get home to my dear old mother.

- Shrike

The End

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