Jimmie On The Island

Wednesday, June 21, 1719.

I din't have any trouble jumpin' ship.  Nobody much left on board, 'cept the castaway. He don't say nothin'  but he seems scared o' me. Once he put his fingers together like a cross at me. Tubby says that's to ward off evil.

Anyway, me an'  Sir Percy got off the ship right smart. Never saw it from the outside afore. It's PINK!!  Whut wus the Cap'n thinkin'!!

It  wasn't too hard to find La Capitana. Everbody makes way for her wherever she goes. When she gives a command, her crew salutes her!  Then they runs off to do her biddin'.

Our Cap'n give a command, he be mostly ignored or swore at.  I stayed outa sight, I wanted to speak to La Capitana alone. I'll hafta tell her the truth 'bout me bein' a girl.

I climbed a big ole tree wif Sir Percy, and we watched from a safe distance.  I think the natives wus gonna make soup outa poor ole Tubby. It mighta been the ony time he made sumpin'  anybody could eat!

Hans come along an' saved his sorry hide afore I could climb down.  I couldn't let them stew him in his own juice. I don't know what I coulda done anyway, 'cept make a distraction so's he could run away.

I could see some native brats pickin' sumpin' from the ground an' eatin' it, smackin' their lips. Strawberries! Right hungry I was, or I woulda stayed up till it was dark.

Sir Percy an' I climbed down. He wandered off. He had stayed wif me up till now, but I couldn't keep him against his will. I din't  want to kidnap him like I been kidnapped.

I wus busy stuffin' strawberries down me gullet when I heard a heckuva yowl. It was Sir Percy, and  two native lads bigger'n me had him trapped against the bonfire on the beach.

They wus pokin' him wif sticks an' forcin' him inta the fire! They wus alaughin'  an'  yellin'  fit to bust a gut. Poor Percy's  tail wus alight!

I been mad afore, but not like this. I went crazy!  I runned down the beach with a thick stick in me hands, yellin. I lay inta the first lad with me stick, beatin' him about the head an' shoulders. The other lad run off an left his friend. Scurvy coward!

The lad I was beatin'  grabbed me stick. He lit inta me with it,  so I started howlin' an' hollerin' and jumpin around like a banshee. I got a high pitched scream fit to scare the demons away, me mum says. He run off. I scared him a bit, I think.

I knelt in front of Sir Percy, beatin' the flames out on his tail with me bare  hands. Percy don't like water much, so dousin' him in the bay weren't a good idea.

I started to pour sand over the little bits o'  fur stiil smoulderin'  on him when I was pushed from behind. I be quick, I can  twist in a minute, as me mum says.

Me one hand  went in the fire, so I yank out a burnin'  chunka wood, an'  whack the lad behind me full in the face with it.

He backs off, but I wus still mad, so I grab his long black braid of hair, and swing him toward the fire. He was screamin' an' pullin' back, when he gave out a gawdawful howl.

He stopped pullin'  back from me an' started slappin' at his leg. Percy had both his fangs sunk gum deep in the brat's ankle!

I sat back on me haunches an' buried me sore burn't hand in the sand, an' watched Percy take his deserved revenge. This wus the lad whut set Sir Percy on fire.

Suddenly, everthing just... stopped. The native lad stopped strugglin', Percy stopped bitin', and I just sat in the sand an' stared in awe.

La Capitana of the other ship in the bay came stridin'  down the beach, red hair afire with the summer sun. She walked with pride and purpose, chin up, a true Queen of the high seas.

When she reached us, she knelt beside Sir Percy, and pried him loose from the lad's ankle. She gently picked him up and handed him to me. Sir Percival never let anybody but  me pick him up afore.

As she wus doin' this, she spoke quietly but sternly to the lad in his own language. He  got up holdin' his burnt face, limpin' bad up the slope of the beach.

I held poor burnt, brave Percy in me lap and petted his head. It wur just about the ony part of of him that weren't singed.

La Capitana held her hand out to me, and spoke quiet like, even though there was nobody close enough to hear.

"Come with me lass, I'll have my surgeon look at your hands."

"L...lass?"  I croaked.

Was me secret out at last?

The End

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