The strangest thing happenned.  A crossbow bolt came down straight from the sky today, out of nowhere and lodged itself right into the Captain's shoulder!

I've never seen him so angry!  And, boy does he get angry! 

Even when I was late coming back to the ship from port, he was raising the sails, and as I was running to the ship, yelling and waving, he kept raising the sails faster and faster!

And when I finally made it aboard, (I fell off the roap three times back into the water, an improvement in my books),he just rolled his eyes and stomped away.  I mean, I know I was late and all, but he could have said something like, "Glad yaaarh back on board, Tubs!" 

So, Stirling's trying to pull the bolt out of his shoulder and he's yelling like a raving lunatic, so I suppose I should make my way to the galley. 

The locals on the island all seemed to like me.  They wore the oddest of apparel, bones and flowers around their neck.  Their welcome dance was to dance around me in a circle with their spears.  A few started slicing vegetables and putting them in a big pot over a roaring fire.  The ladies started to adorn me with spices, rubbing all sorts of savory smells all over my chest and I, for one was uncomfortable, but could not have helped admire such a gracious display of affection for us foreign visitors.

Then Hans made his way through the circle and spoke to them in their native language and pulled me away.  He really misses his girl back home and I think he might have been a little upset at the attention I was getting.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the barrel of peas in the galley.  I'll improvise something.

The End

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