An Entry from La Fantasma Traviesa

Martes, el 21 de junio, 1719

Oak Island's nice enough, but not my definition of acción.  Unless the definition of the English (or French, the two sound similar sometimes) "action" changes from the Spanish definition of the word in translation.  But I think that's going to change for a while.

I was a bit miffed that it looked foggy when I woke at five, but Halcón up in the nest promised it would clear luego.  Later.  That's all anything seemed to come to around here.

About an hour later, the fog just blew away.  I had my glass with me, and for want of something better to do I scanned the horizon.  I could barely believe it.  Off in the west a small dot was growing.  Was... was it pink?  "No, no podrá serlo," I kept muttering to myself.  "It can't be..."

A few hours later, sure enough, my suspicion was confirmed: the Pink Daffodil was coming in to run itself aground.  I thought I'd been rid of that load of miércoles and its capitán loquisimo.  Los Chicos (what I like to call my crew) began to gather, asking if that ship was really pink, who in his right mind would paint a ship of that nature that color, was I familiar with it...

"¡Bástaya!" I hollared.  "Sí, eso es: That sorry wreck would be The Pink Daffodil, under Captain Sandy Bottoms."  Ay, Dios mío, Sandy.  The unfortunate tonto ridículo of many a mealtime tale.  I thought I'd never see the diablo again.  I met him in the Canaries, on our first ship.  As able as we were on a ship, we couldn't have been more different.  I had an eye for detail and people, all he could see was el oro y la plata.  The gold and the silver.  Needless to say we didn't get along that well.

I hate to admit it, but I've been following the Captain's adventures since we went our separate ways.  One needs entertainment out here sólo en la mar.

I was informed by Ignacio,  the first mate, that the Daffodil was putting down anchor and the crew was going ashore.

This should be interesting.  The Captain's inept enough in a floating bathtub.  The only place where he's even more of a bumbler is on land.

María Arena
La Capitana de La Fantasma Traviesa

The End

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