Dear Skipper

Dear Skipper,

Hi.  You came by my room this morning banging at my door.  I was sure it was you because you're the only one to call me "worthless rapscallion flout of a dangy stowaway."  I'm sorry that I didn't answer but between you and me, it was simply not necessary to jam your scimitar through the door.  If you think about it, it's going to take some manpower to repair those holes.

OK.  A few matters I'd like to mention to you but I know you're busy looking for ships to keelhaul.  So, I figured I'd use your journal here as a Communications Log.  This is a great opportunity for us staff to share any concerns we have and keep some open dialogue.  So, how about it guys?  Any suggestions?

My first item is breakfast.  I'm a night owl, and I'm never up before Noon.  You may have noticed that promptly at Noon, I am sure to take down the "Do Not Disturb" sign outside my cabin door.  I hope we can all respect that.  The galley is always open so help yourselves. 

Secondly. Skipper, if someone can stitch up my hammpck on deck as soon as possible, I'd appreciate it.  I'm one for routine and my afternoon nap is something that I find to be of a motivating nature.

We've been at sea for what seems to be four days, so, I am curious about the Leave of Absence policy.   I don't know about you guys but I, for one, am exhausted.

And finally, Skipper, around about midnight watch,  I find a real cold draft finds its way through the ship.  If I can put in a requisition for a couple more blankets, some time today, \i think that would be fitting.

As for my other inquiries, they're not priority.

Yaaaar!    Happy sailin' everyone!


The End

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