The Dogfish

By the fish kings mangy gut I'd be Davy Jones' caviar 'afore I let the ocean claim this book. I'll keep me'self afloat fer as long as it takes to get aboard another god forsaken ship.

Black seas! Black bloody seas!

I mourn me beautiful sails, me beautiful ship!

I'm afloat upon the water 'olding on ter the splinters of a mast. Fer three stinking days I held me journal up to the sky ter dry. Fer another day I held it ter me breast as the storms tossed and turned me fishbait vessel about on the frothy spitting of the black seas.

Avast! On the horizon!

A whale of a ship! That thar' be the salvation of me sole!


Oh sweet ship! What's yer bootiful name? Yer can be as mangy as ten winter dead shark an' ye'll be me new love I swears it.

An' did I mention I cann'e speak a word? But I'll write ter' yer me ship, I'll write sagas in yer name if I be h'accepted on board.

The End

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