Chapter 3: Say It Again.

It's been 3 days since I had last seen the girl named, Angel. It had been three days of sleepless nights, uncontrollable day dreaming and keeping secrets from my three best friends: Sarah Ann Jericho; the  most honest; Gwenivere Parker, the most loving; and Kieran Lawrence, the most trustworthy and compassionate. I know secrets don't make friends, but I just couldn't tell them how or what it was that made me smile all of those smiles - mainly, because they just assume that Gilbert did something to make me happy. Not that he isn't the perfect boyfriend ever, but how could I tell anyone I care about, that I'm in "like" with another girl? Yeah, that's what I like. Denial never sounded so incredibly... sweet. I give my head a shake, and launched myself into the conversation that Sarah, Keiran, and Gwen were currenlty involved in; before I realized, I was the topic of their oh-so-secretive convrsation. Kieran glanced over at me and smiled, "What's been on your mind lately, Tay?" I looked back at her and realized that how incredibly perfect she was. I mean, Keiran was an individual. She was unique. She was herself. "Kay, isn't it obvious? Our dear cousin was just being the sweetest boyfriend ever." Gwen replied, winking at me. Cousin. Crap. I forgot. Keiran and Gwen were Gilbert's cousins and Sarah, "He;s not THAT loving.  It's kinda disturbing to think of my twin brother that way, but then again, he probably got all of his best qualities from me." Sarah said, as she laughed along with Gwen and Keiran. Suddenly, they stopped laughing when somebody appraoched our table in the cafe we were sitting in, from behind me. "Taylor?" a familiar voice called out to me. I slowly turned around and tried not to smile at the person staring down at me. "Uh... You're...Angel, right?" I asked, as casually as I could. "Yeah, Well, uhm, I was kind of wondering... Since I'm new here and all...Would you mind showing me where the photography dark room is?" she asked, with at a hint of...nervousness?! No way, I kept telling myself that it just wasn't even remotely possible. But then again, off all things possible. She was in my room that night. "Yeah sure." I answered, before I excused myself from my friends. And, I felt a huge wieght lifted off of my shoulders as I waslked off with Angel.

       I led her to the Arts building, up two floors into the elevator, through the corridors or the building, and were in front of the dark room. You know, the place where pictures get developed?  I faced her, and for some reason, her face was only inches from mine, but I couldn't help but think just wasn't close enough. Being the shyest person in the world, or better yet, universe; I couldn't as much as I wanted to, close that gap between us; so I turned away and led her into the dark room.

    We were now alone in the literally pitch black dark room  The dim red light wasn't even on. Suddenly, something in my head clicked, and I remembered...I'm afraid of the dark. I didn't know where in the room I was in, but I was scared, nervous, and just standing completely still.

"Taylor?" I heard her call, until I felt her hand graze mine. I closed my eyes and debated with myself if I should answer. If I did answer, I'd sounds scared and nervous and I didn't want her thinking that I was some kind of chicken. But if I didn't, she'd leave. "Hmm?" I answered, feeling my heart beating incredibly fast. Suddenly, her hand found mine again, and she laced her fingers between my own and soom I felt her body against mine from behind. I felt her arms wrap around me, as she brushed my hair to one side and began to lay butterfly kisses on my neck. I couldn't get her to stop. But then again, I didn't tell her to. So she kept kissing my neck.

Until she slowly spun me around and kissed me on the lips. Again, I didn't stop her.

"I think I'm in like with you." I whispered into her ear, still feeling out of breath from kissing her so desperately. Even in the dark, I could tell that she was smirking at me. "Say It again." she quietly demanded as she put her arms around my waist... inside my shirt; as if pulling me closer to her.

The End

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