Diaries of the Girl Who Felt.

Chapter One: Sitting Next to You.

     There was something weird going on in Northeastern University, it's like everything is being turned upside down. Or maybe it's just me. Maybe..? Well, I am the only one sitting here in my Creative Writing class, not paying attention to the award winning author, Rayne Collins, giving a lecture. Instead of paying attention to my writing idol, I'm staring at the new girl next to me. There was just something about this girl, something about the way she would sway her head to make her bangs move away from her eyes; the way she would push her dark rimmed glasses back up to her nose bridge; and the way she would chew at the end of her pen when she was deep in thought. This entire observation coming from almost 2 hours of staring at this girl...whose name I don't even know. Suddenly, I see everybody packing up their things, and I realize that my class is done. I immediately pack up my things into my bag, but when I look up the girl is gone. But, when I look back down at the desk I was just sitting at to check if i had left anything behind, I find a folded piece of paper with my name scribbled across it. When I reach for it, unfolded it, it read:

My name's Angel Davis...just in case you wanted to know.

- the girl sitting next to you.

The End

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