You dont make it

You try as Hard as you can to make it to the gas station, but its no use, half the way there, you feel a warm,wet feeling, growing in your panties,then up your skirt, until both are almost soaked, your little sister then yell:

"Mom!! (Your name) Had an accident!!"

you then hear on the other side,felicity saying:

"i cant belive you peed yourself like a toddler,but at least you didnt got any on me"

your mother then say:

" almost made it"

"i did my best mom" you say embarassed

when you arrive at the gas station the mother say: 

"wait here girls...Im gonna get something" and she entered the shop part of the gas station.    she got out some minutes later, pink and purple packages in hands,

"What are these mom?" Felicity asked,

"they are absorbent underwears"

"and What does that mean?" Felicity asked, clearly not satisfied with the answer

" normally call that diapers...does this answer satisfy you?"

"Yeah..wait What?!?!" yelled felicity, surprised by your mother saying diapers

"dont yell, Felicity "

"who are these for?" asked Sarah with her cute little voice,

"they're for (your name) because she had an accident"

"oh!...thats better" said felicity,grining and crosing her arms

you couldnt blush any redder than you were actually , you mom wanted to put you in diapers

"Mom,you cant be serious, me,wearing diaper? Please dont make me do That Mom" you said

"well,If it can make you feel better, they're not Diapers,just training pants " you mom answered

"Yeah that make me feel whole better" you said sarcasticly, 

"come one sweetie, the faster you start to put one on, the faster it Will be finished


The End

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