"Yes" your mother stop at the next gas station

"Yea,i need to go to the bathroom" you say to your little sis

"does that mean you need to go potty?" She ask, definitively not understanding the word "bathroom"

"yes little sis, i need to go potty"

"Mom! Sister(your name) need to go potty!"

"why didnt you told it before (your name)?"

"i thought i could hold it for a while,but now i really need to go..."you say, starting to hold your crotch

"okay then,Im gonna stop at the next gas station"

"hey (your name)" felicity said

"yes?" you answer, hoping she could help you in any way

"If you pee yourself...try not get any on me," she said,smiling

"O-okay, " you said, not sure If you should take that as an advice or as an insult

the way to the gas station is not too long, and

The End

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