Lay low and get a changeMature

Though she now controlled great and untold power, the army's and defenses of the surface would surly be a pain to deal with. What she needed was to amass an army of her own, loyal followers that will make the transition to a diapered city more pleasant. She needed to take it slow, strategic.


Her dirty diaper nagged at her thought maybe just one excursion to make a loyal servant to change her when ever she made such a mess wouldn't be such a bad idea. She snuck out of her little ritual area, into a rather unsavory part of the town, her lack of clothes would be little worry there, in fact she saw several women without clothes waiting for some people to 'want a good time'.


Surly no one would really care if they went, their market had all but dried up, she walked gingerly over to them. "Can I help you... miss?" Said one of the bigger breasted ones. Sarah nodded, she was surly ready to be a rather loving nurse after she was changed by Sarah's magic.


She couldn't do it there, unfortunetly thought as it'd draw too much attention. She needed to lure this woman down to where she came, "Yes please, I've got lots of money for you if you just come with me..." she said. Sarah had never been like this, but the transformation lead her to be much more manipulitive.


The woman came with her, back down to where she had come, "It's really dark down her, you are in to some freaky stuff..." the woman commented. Sarah grabbed her staff, and pointed it at the woman a large bright beam shot thought it, Sarah laughed at the feel of the discharge as the woman panicked trying to figure out what was happening.


The beam hit her square in the chest, and reverberated outward from there. Unlike Sarah, this woman's clothes got bigger than before, her revealing clothes became a nurse's dress completle with the hat. As the skirt for the dress flared out her pantes crept out and expanded to cover her bum, right before thickening up. Once the diaper was about halfway thick the woman squated down and pushed a massive load into her awaiting diaper.


Sarah smiles and looked to her new nurse, "Thank you mistress, would you like a clean diaper now?" she said in exsity Sarah nodded and laid down... This was going to be good.

The End

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