Magical Abdl sorceress?Mature

Sarah felt a warmth creeping through her fingertips, spilling through her veins. She stumbled to the floor, overcome by this new power. It rang through her head; ate up her previous mind; changed every fibre of her being.

Other shadows shifted behind Sarah. Through the darkened chambers others danced, illuminated by flame.

Sarah felt her dress become wispy and thin, it twisted and writhed: her panties however, thickened up. Thousands of new, abstract thoughts raced into her head as she realised that she was wearing just a diaper.

By the time a staff tumbled to her, she was not the same. Still influenced by power, she grabbed it sharply, not stirred by her near-naked body.

'The diaperess,' a shadow whispered through the chamber, 'she's here.'

Once she stood, she was taller than before. Her breasts were larger, more appropriately sized, and her thick diaper somehow made her look powerful. Sarah pushed, and an obliging poop slithered out, eating up the bottom of her diaper. Once more a mess popped out, her diaper was even messier, then tinted brown at the bottom.

By Zaeopolis

The End

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