Snuggle kin?Mature

A snuggle kin, the children of mars and venues, They're simple creators that love nothing more then the love and friendship of their own kind. They are strong when need be and can transform normal humans by a simple touch, but a good snuggle makes the process a hundred times faster depending on their mental fortitude. Only women could be turned into them but they had strong effects on men.

Sarah's partner snuggled her head into Sarah's hair, Sarah was technically an experiment, but she's was being retrofitted right now. She'd be raised as a normal person inside the snuggle kin's underground home. With this she could work above ground and get to know normal people.

The problem was not only did she year for the love and affection that normal snuggle kin got, but she saw a harsh reality above ground that made her want to turn everyone she saw into a snuggle kin.

The one turning her was a good friend that she helped change many times in the daylight, Katie giggled and felt her friends diaper, clearly she thought long and hard as to what diaper she wanted, it was thick and comfy to even the outside touch. "What-cha gonna do now?" The courious girl asked.

The End

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