Soil yourself and ask for a diaper too

You've known about Chloe's fetish for a while now. You heard the crinkling and can faintly smell the messy diaper. Deciding that you also wanted to get into a diaper, you were going to poop your pants.

You start straining, pushing a large load into the back of your pants. You suddenly announce to everyone in the car "I had an accident. Can I be put in a diaper?"

Everyone seems shocked, especially Chloe, but your mom agrees. She stops the car and pulls a diaper meant for Sarahs bed wetting out of the trunk and put it on you.

You lean over to your Chloe and whisper "How does it feel to be diapered with someone else?" Your older sister is shocked, but says nothing more.

Something happens before you get back onto the road. What is it?

The End

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