Of corse you're the middle child, so there's little entertainment value from you, so she must be targeting little Sam. It started as soon as it ended, Sam was just wiggling around before another smell went into the air.

"Mommy Chloe went poopy again!" Sam cried out. Chloe started to protest but you were fairly observant, "Um Sam..." you say as a bit of a puddle comes out from under her. She inspects it out of sheer shock before bursting into tears.

Your mother stops the car and with a loving ten moments of diapering, number two on her hit-list was now suckling her thumb of her own volition. You start worrying, Sam didn't even seem to know what was happening at the time, and as Chloe turns around to stick her young out, you see her wetness indicator, not soaked but wet...

What happened next?

The End

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