Buys a whole bunch for everyone...

Your mom comes back to the car with a large package of diapers. Chloe laughs. "Are those all for Ashley?" she said "Did they have no smaller packages."

You mother smiles deviously. "No." she says "They're for all of us." This catches Chloe off guard and she stops laughing immediatly.

"Why mom!' she shouts, visibly upset. "Because we all have accident sometimes." your mom said. Chloe scoffed. "I don't." she said.

"That's a lie and you know it Chloe!" you're mom said "Just last week I had to pick you up from a school dance because you pooped yourself waiting in line for the bathroom!"

Chloe immediatly became as red as a tomato. "They didn't know that..." she said, referring to her sisters.

Does she willingly go into diapers

The End

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