Mess yourself with Roxy in the mall

'Roxy, before we get these diapers do you want to mess? I mean, then we'll be able to have a proper change.'

   'Of course. If we want to be big babies, we need to have an accident first.'

   Hazel places her hand over Roxy's skirt. Roxy does the same over Hazel's.

   'I wanna feel your mess,' Hazel hisses.

   'No... nng... problem!'

   Roxy feels a mound of mess build under her palm, and it slips down between her thighs. Roxy peeks under Hazel's skirt, gasping as she sees a brown bulge surge up in her britches.

   'Have you finished?' says Hazel, getting aroused at the other girl's poop festering under her hand.

   'Let's go get a change.'

The End

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