Tell Roxy to soil herself

'Hey, I soiled myself and it feels so good!' exclaims Hazel. 'You should try, Rox.'

   Roxy laughs. 'You're crazy today, I don't what's got into you... but I like it! It's gotta be tricky, though, doing it in your pants.'

   Hazel giggles, then pulls her skirt down. 'It's not hard, just imagine you're in a diaper.'

   'That - uh - kind of turns me on,' says Roxy. She pulls her skirt down, too. 'You pooped a lot in there, huh.'

   Nevertheless, Roxy crouches down, sporting a nothing-to-lose look. She squeezes her eyes shut and pushes.

   Soon after, her Victoria's Secret panties are sinking a deep brown. Roxy moans, suddenly realizing how good this felt. Feeling the sizzling mush pushing up against her rump, sinking into the seat of her panties is like being enlightened. She moans once more, but the noise is cut into by footsteps. The two try to scramble for their skirts, but their messy rumps send them off balance and it's tricky.

   'Hazel and Roxy?' said a loud voice. 'Report to the headteacher's office. Soiling oneself is not permitted.'

The End

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