Tell her about your fetish

'Roxy, there's something I gotta tell you...' whispers Hazel, avoiding the teacher's gaze.

   'What, Haze?'

   Roxy is very open-minded, so Hazel felt okay with sharing.

   'I recently found out something,' says Hazel, 'I've got a fetish.'

   'For what - feet?' replies Roxy.

   Hazel laughs half-heartedly. 'I've got a fetish... for diapers. I have a pull-up on as we speak.'

   The two go into silence. Roxy averts her eyes.

   'You've got a pull up on? Hazel...' she spat, 'that is literally the most - the most... awesome thing I ever heard!'

   Roxy leant in closer to her.

   'I love messy diapers too!'

The End

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