Soil your pants

'But before we go...' says Hazel, whilst she feels her bladder loosen.

   Poking her head about the classroom, Hazel lets loose over her chair. Roxy giggled as she pulls up Hazel's skirt, watching her panties swamp with urine.

   'You're actually -?'

   Hazel's response is a high-pitch moan as she finishes up her pee. Some members of the class have started to stare. They're not sure what they're looking at.

   'T - That's not it,' breathes Hazel, pushing up off her chair, 'nng!'

   'You're crazy!' whispers Roxy, looking closer at Hazel's panties as they fade brown. They continue to expand, and continue to stain. The two giggle.

The End

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