Announce to the class that Roxy has a fetish and you've pooped your pants

Not wasting another breath, Hazel waddles up to the front of the class, a grin stapled on her face.

   'Do you guys know what that smell is?' she shouts casually, staring at her crush at the back. Before letting them respond, she drops her skirt, revealing a sagging brown mess in her panties.

   'You want to know the best part?' she giggles. 'I love this stinky mess up against my ass! Oh yeah - so does Roxy. She and I have a fetish for this messed up, well, mess! Does anyone have a diaper on them?'

   Hazel notices her crush smiling slightly at the back.

   'Hazel Evergreen!' shouts the teacher. 'You'd better come with me to the headteacher's office.'

   'I'm in deep doo-doo,' Hazel laughs, 'quite literally.'

The End

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