Poop her pants before class

She glances around her, making sure there are a few spectators to the "event". Some were from her school. That turns her on even more.

   As she walks, she lets off a couple of farts. This drew stares. Hazel giggles as she pushes out another lingering, wet fart. Some pedestrians stop in their tracks. Almost collectively, their jaws dropped.

   The street stops. The only thing that moves is Hazel crouching down. She purposely flicks her skirt up, showing the people of the street her panties as she pushes.

   Hazel has consciously decided to wear big, white panties today. She grunts audibly as they are quickly stained brown. The unorganised crowd "ewwed" as some slop toppled down into her pants. She groaned as another hunk of mess works out of her behind.

   'Never seen a girl poop before?' she called to the onlookers, carrying on her walk to school. The poop sagged her panties considerably, and it pressed up against her rump. She grins, pulling her skirt back down. The smell reaches her nose quick.

The End

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