-      We arrived at number 227, Alex's apartment, and I took out my set of keys. I heard laughter, but it didn't sound like him. I opened the door, and stared... Just stared.

 "ALEX!" This time I didn't feel bad for yelling. He was holding up the remote, and from what I could see from this angle, he ws wearing a snuggie and sweats. He saw and, not to mention heard me, and his eyes were wide. He should just be glad that he made the right decision to not ask what I was doing, inferring from our dresses.

 "Oh, h-hey Tash..." He said as he lowered the remote, " so... That thing was... Today?" He sounded more timid than ever, which wasn't surprising in the least. He's a scronny thing. Thin black hair, pale skin, green-brown eyes, etcetera.

 "Oh, no, I just felt like dressing up," I replied sarcastically. He looked at me, and got up, "is there anything I can say to make this better?" He asked pleadingly.

   I shook my head dryly. Lauren walked up to him, and punched him while Sam and Ciera continued to hurt him furthur. My sibling and best friends were beating up my fiancee. Without me!

   By the end he had some bruises on his arms, legs, and one on his stomach.  We definately felt better after that! I just love the fact that we can do this and he still loves us ( insert evil smiley face).

    "So, Alex, what's the date of the wedding?" I asked just to make sure he could still think properly.

 "Feberuary 11th at 5:30 PM," he repied confidently, with a shimmer of hope in his eyes.

 "Excellent, then I'll seeyou then." I replied as we left and Mom closed the door.

The End

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