Shut Down

"Oh, no, he didnt move it." The man said matter-of-factly. "Just cancelled."

My friends stared at the man and me alternately. My mouth hung open for a couple of horrid seconds before I pulled myself together. Lauren put her hand up to her mouth and her eyes widened. I pulled out my phone and quickly dialed Alex's number.

After a couple seconds of ringing, I tried again. No answer.

"Is he picking up?" Ciera asked quietly.

"Yes, Ciera, thats why I'm standing here with the phone up to my ear not saying anything!" I yelled. Then, already feeling bad about the hurt expression on my friend's face, I made for the door, tears already forming in the corners of my eyes.

I burst through the door out onto the street, leaving my troop of bridesmaids and the crowd of angry funeral-goers behind me. I ran down the empty sidewalk in my wedding gown, scarcely noticing the ocean to my right and the waterfront shops to my left. The cement sidewalk was hard running on my feet, expecially in high heels. The road was empty, as it was a Sunday and most people were at Church - or funerals.

A swirling torrent of mixed emotion whirled about inside me. I felt bad for yelling at my friend, even more so for doing it during a funeral, and I was so angry at Alex, a red hot flame in my soul just waiting to get out.

Finally I reached a bench looking out at the water at I sat in it and cried for a long while. As one would expect, it didnt take long for my friends to find me. I saw them coming out of the corner of my blurred eye, and didnt move to run away.

They reached the bench and my mother sat beside me. She put her arms around me and her head on my shoulder.

"Tash" she whispered, "You know he might not have told the man where he was moving it to." She paused, taking in breath, "Or maybe he doesnt even know. Maybe it was a mistake with the computers. You know how busy that place must be. They're bound to make mistakes sometimes. It could be any number of things."

I realised that my mom was probably right. I took my head out of my hands and looked at the group of bridesmaids in their fancy dresses standing on the sidewalk on the waterfront and I chuckeld to myself.

"Look at us." I said, my mood brightening a bit. "Im going to go to Alex's apartment, see if he's there."

The End

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