Diamond Ei8hts

The story of eight best friends as they grow up. Along with marriges, divorces, deaths, becoming famous, and a whole lot of drama, follow in the story as Tashi, the only actual sane one out of many! Experience her Crazy twin Sam, dying husband Alex, and her influencial best friends Lauren and Ciera.

When I think of summer, I think of the normal things anyone would. Ripe plums right off the tree, the heat, the never ending ice cream, the crowded local pool with that one fat guy tanning, and so on. But one thing I think of that not many others do was my membership to the Diamond Eights. A group of some of the best friends I’ve ever had.

Every summer since we were nine, the Eights would always be doing something out of the Ordinary. While most girls were getting their nails done, or their hair coloured, or shopping, we were hiking, writing books, sword fighting, and other things that, trust me, will be explained.

            “I am SO glad,” Ciera, one of my brides’ maids started, with relief, “that you didn’t make us look like marshmallows!” Lauren, another brides’ maids agreed. I chose dark red strapless dresses, knee high, with a black satin belt. My dress, however, was black. Completely black, with white on the bottom tips. It was strapless, just like my maids.

“You know I always could’ve,” I replied with a smile. Lauren glared at me, but then went on to apply black eye shadow.

“So, where is this wedding at?” Sam, my third maid asked as she came out in her dress.

“At the Friendship Park near City Hall. But the rehearsal is at the Cole Hall” I replied, probably beaming, while I was trying to keep my cool, but, that’s impossible when you’re getting married.

“Don’t people just take pictures there?” My Mom (Kim), my last brides’ Maid asked.

“Not me, I don’t want to get married inside, no matter how cold it may be.”

“Well be sure not to freeze up during your vows.” Sam butted in. Everyone laughed, I just made a sarcastic face, and a remark no one heard.

“Oh, don’t worry, you’ll be fine.” My Mom started, trying, but failing, to calm me down. “ I was at my wedding.”

“Mom, you tripped while you were walking down the isle. And so did Grandpa.”

“Oh, shut up, Sam.”

Lauren looked at her watch, “guys, we should go.”

“ Hold on, I’m almost done with my mascara… Okay!” Me and Ciera said at the same time.

“C’mon, they’ll be expecting us soon.” My Mom said, and led us out the door.

We arrived at the hall, and got out of the car.

“Why is Alex’s car not here? Or Dad’s?” I asked, very confused.

“Let’s go inside, maybe they Carpooled with Ian?” Ciera suggested.

We walked into the builing, and were all a bit confused.

“What the hell?” My mom said quite loudly, making people turn aroud.

“What’s wrong with you! That’s my husband!” An old shrivelled lady exclaimed almost right in my mom’s face as she pointed to a… casket.

“Um, why is a funeral here? This is my wedding rehearsal.” I asked to generally everyone. At this point, I knew I was being hated by complete strangers.

“Because someone died, and were being respectful.” A sixteen year old girl said, very angrily.

By this time, an old man had walked in carrying a file booklet. “ The Smith-Parker wedding? Mr. Parker has cancelled.” He said like a butler.

“Cancelled? Where did he move it?” I asked angrily as many people backed away in defence.

The End

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