Hannah looked back to see if the man was still chasing her. She didn't know who, or what he was, only that he was the reason her family was missing. He was standing at the bottom of the staircase, his blood red eyes glowing in the shadows. Hannah turned and continued to run down the corridor, trying to open every door she went passed without success. After what felt to like a hundred doors, one finally opened so she stumbled into the room. She locked the door then turned around and started looking around the room for a way out the horrible house. The only source of light came from a small window that was too high for her to reach without a ladder. And even if she did have a ladder, the window was to small for a 14-year-old girl to climb through. Hannah began to cry.
There’s no escape Hannah,’ a deathly voice hissed behind her. Hannah spun around and there stood the red-eyed man, smiling at her. It was the smile that scared her the most. It was twisted and evil, almost inhumane.
What do you want from me?’ Hannah sobbed. ‘ Who are you?’
I want your soul my dear girl, isn’t it obvious?’ He replied, now showing his sharp, pointed teeth. Hannah’s eyes widened.
You’re the devil’ she gasped. This made the thing laugh. It was the type that made one’s insides squirm with unease.
No my dear, I am merely a demon in his service’ he said, ‘ But you’ll be meeting my lord shortly.’ As soon as he said this, a fiery porthole opened in the middle of the room and began to grow larger. This forced Hannah back against the wall, with no escape. The demon was blocking the doorway, once again laughing. Hannah fell into the porthole. The wind rushing passed her ears drowned out the demons laughter and her screaming. She could see a pair of yellow eyes in the darkness below her and although the fire engulfed her, she didn’t burn. Then there was a deafening roar….


The End

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