The Assassin in the Mirror

Those ice cold eyes, those freezing blue eyes, they have stalked me all these years.  Wherever I go, those eyes they find me.  They stare at me from their unknown realm, a hiding place always just beyond my touch.  Wherever I flee, this relentless hunter is there before me, waiting, relentlessly waiting.  I have run from town to town, from time to time, yet this hound of hell keeps chasing me down.

I have screamed at my nemesis but he does not flinch.  He just silently stares back into me, equaling my rage with a rage one step deeper than my own.  I curse and in unholy silence he curses back.  From his silvery hell, he scoffs at my threats.  He has no fear of me, he has no hate of me, he only wants me to know that is he is always there, waiting for me.   He knows as do I that I shall never shed his haunting while I walk this earth.

I used to find comfort in the darkness of night.  At least then I could not see his stare.  But of late, even in the night, his eyes, those predatory eyes, have worked themselves into my dreams and the nightmares that wander among the alleys of my mind.   I have nowhere more to run.  So I fear the ultimate fear will soon have to come to be -the assassin in the mirror will finally end his hunt.  It is the only way to be free of him is to bring an end to his reflection, forever.



The End

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