She watches

A towering figure with a mishapen grin stands stooped over what she calls the "ant farm"; a complex maze of many islands, bountiful vegetation and, of course, the "ants". As she leans forward for a better look, she realises she is obscuring their source of light, her lamp. Almost like an eclipse, she thinks, as she pushes over a building and watches it fall in an almost silent pile of rubble. 'Oops,' she chuckles, 'Butterfingers.'

She watches with mild interest as they scurry out of the holes, seemingly unaware of her prescence, and start to carry away the pieces of building, depositing them in smaller piles along what fashioned as paths for them. They work fast, and it isn't long before they find the first body. She can see that this "ant" is dead. She chuckles once more, and notes how at this sound, they all lift their hands to their heads, as if the sound frightens them. Must add that to the observations, she notes. They are already uncovering more bodies, but one of them appears to be moving gently. "A survivor. The nerve!" Her fist comes crashing down into the rubble and crushes everything within her massive radius. 'You cannot defy me, "Ant"!' she screams, before withdrawing and rubbing her hand, "I am your God!"

Down below, far far below, an earthquake kills a million more outside the initial massacred epicentre, as the remaining people fall to their knees and pray for God to help save them from this natural disaster.

The End

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