The Worst Villain of All

I could start by telling you where I grew up and how horrible my childhood was. I could also begin this distasteful dialogue of villains anonymous with some quirky, witty line that would capture your interest.

But I won't.

Instead, I will make you see, you loathsome reader, that villains run more wildly and freely on this planet than you would think. We are everywhere, ruining everything.

Those parks that you enjoy taking your children to, the city scape that you enjoy viewing and the streets that you love walking down while socializing, I have made it my lifelong goal to destroy.

I put myself everywhere so you'll always remember that I am around.

So the question then remains; who am I and where was I born?

I was born from the actions of strangers, from billions of hands throwing their unnecessary objects all over their surroundings, I am those few disgusting users who inhabit the unknowing parks that your children play in.

I am the creation of your actions, I am the promise of an end to this planet that some of you foolishly are trying to protect.

Who am I?

I am pollution, your worst villain. The one that you can't destroy with a mere sweep of a fist, or with hot vision. I am complicated, I am sophisticated.

I am everywhere.

Dare to defeat me.

The End

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