I am sent for one thing only..

Little hands clasped together, fingers not quite intertwined.  Little eyes, bright, shiny, shut,, in taught tradition. What do you ask for, what is it that you seek?

Faces so beautiful, innocent,  still evident, still pressing forward, though, ways of the world, day and time threaten to steal it away. 

They ask for what they want.. They haven't been jaded by the world, they believe if they ask, it will be given, they believe in the protection.

And they ask, they tell, they smile, their little hearts beating in total abandon, never skipping, keeping the rhythm of a child.

They don't understand and, there is no one to explain.

The little one sees me, sighs, smiles and believes their parents, friends and pets are safe.  It breaks my heart.

What do the parents do?  The same things they have always done, lie, cheat, steal, murder, they are a part of the big picture, part of a sequence.. part of a scenario that is being played out, part of a prophesy that makes me what I am.

Yes, the little one sees me, she walks over and touches my wings, I enfold her for a minute and say not one word.  A tear falls from my eye and she wipes it away.

I hold her tightly and she says "Don't cry my angel, it will be alright."

I kiss her forehead and lay her gently in her bed, I touch her temple and a deep sleep falls over her.  She is one of the multitudes of little ones that will be under my care..  She will begin to love me again once she learns, once she forgives.

I join my cohorts, my legion and, the punishment, the cleansing, the renewing, the slaughter begins..

You see, I love, and yes, I am an Angel, I feel, my heart breaks but, I am an Arch Angel..  I am sent for one thing, one thing only, to destroy..

The End

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