Mummy said I had to take that medisin.  She said it'll make me all better.  I really didn't feel poorly before, but I took it because my mummy loves me, and she was right, because just after I took the medisin, I was sick all over the floor, so I must have been poorly.  She didn't tell me off, though, about the mess on the floor.  She just smiled at me and gived me some more of the nasty salty medisin, and then phoned for the ambalence, like last time.

We're at the hopsital now.  I had to do a wee in a jug, and I was a bit embarrissed, but mummy took the jug and gived it to the nurse.  I think my mummy cut her finger and it axidently dripped into the jug, cos there was some blud in it afterwards.  Poor mummy's finger.

The doctor just came and they put a needle in my arm and it hurted a little bit but I was a brave girl.  I'm always a brave girl at the hopsital, like last time when I had to have the oparashun to take my appendicks out, even though the doctor said afterwards there was nothing wrong with it.  There is a long tube attached to the hurty needle in my arm with a bag of suger-water on the big pole.  My mummy keeps pressing the buttons on the masheen on the pole and the suger-water drips a bit more quicker.  But she stops when the nurse comes in.

The nurses are always nice to mummy when I come to the hopsital, putting their arms round her and with that nice smile and looking a bit worried too,  and I think she likes that.  I hope I don't need another oparashun.  My tummy hurted for a long time after.  I wonder why I always get sick when daddy's away.

The End

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