His breathing was ragged, he stood behind the tree and watched.  It was cool in the night, so they had a nice fire going and, they sang some dumb a-- song.

All day long, they swam, played ball, shot arrows at targets, the girls screamed like banshees and the boys puffed out their chests, bumping each other to see who would reign supreme.

There hadn't been one minute of silence since they'd arrived, even when they were supposed to be sleep, noise, snoring, sneezing, drinking, singing, f---g, they just wouldn't shut up!!!

You'd think the counselors would do something, but they were to busy snoring, sneezing, drinking, cussing, fighting and f---g too.

It was just too much..  He stood still as they poured water on the fire, kicked dirt over it and walked towards the cabins.. He waited.

Ahhh it was a beautiful site and soon he would have silence, he could rest.  He didn't think anyone would pay attention to the glow from the fire, they all knew the people that came here always lit camp fires.

He smiled, thinking how this is the way he should have done it from the beginning, all the energy he had used, running from cabin to cabin.  All the time wasted, chasing them down.. Carrying the machete, a couple of times cutting himself..  All he'd had to do was burn them out...

He stood up and headed for the sparkling water.. hmm, now there would be silence at  Camp Crystal Lake..

The End

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