Father, Brother, Secret Lover

Father Cassoway's sermons were always popular. He was known around town for his generosity and kindness. He would help poor homeless women get off of the streets and into a new life, no strings attached. The women had all never been seen on the streets again, a sure sign that they had made the most of their new lives and moved on to new pastures. It wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't from the sizable donations from the Father's brother's company up state.

Yesterday, another helpless woman had approached the Father and begged for help. He was only to happy to oblige, the righteousness of God's will searing through him as he had led her into the back of the church that late night. He asked her about her life and comforted her as she sobbed thick tears into his shoulder as she spoke of the terrible abuse she had suffered on the streets and the things she had done to survive. He couldn't help but notice she was very beautiful, despite her hard life. He knew what God wanted him to do.

Under the church, the woman awoke, she was popped up on all fours, secured in that position against the floor with manacles and chains, still feeling hazy as the effects of the chloroform wore off. She had barely any time to realise what was happening as the Father began his ritual.

God wanted to rescue these poor, pathetic souls and he had chosen the Father to do so. These beautiful angels that had fallen, the Father would be honoured to return to heaven. Naked and erect, he knelt behind her as she cried, no doubt because of the evil inside her that he was about to purge with God's own fire that flowed through his veins towards his groin. He took her then, filling her with God's love, setting her free as he took the knife at his moment of religious ecstacy and plunged it into the base of her neck.

He buried the body, the vessel of God's own precious angel on Earth withh the others, deep beneath the church where noone could hear the private acts of God's will he committed.

The next day, he gave a sermon full of vigour and righteousness that only those with such utter conviction and God's blessing could ever hope to give. His soul was alight with pride, he was God's shepherd, guiding his angels home.

The End

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