Exocutioner (executioner)

The hour was close.  I wondered how he felt.  Was he afraid?  How many times had he prayed?  What did he ask for? 

I bet he asked god for mercy.. ha!  And then, when he knew it was no use, I bet... yes, I bet he asked that it be quick.. This was a new thought but, it rang true, they would ask for that.  Quickness, no pain, no matter what they had done, no matter how much pain they had inflicted on their victims, they always wanted mercy..

My job was to rid society of the dangerous, of the psychotic, of the sociopaths, of the fierce ones that could take a life, that could maim and torture and kill, without prejudice..

And I took pride in my work, I was the one thing that stood between them and hell, I was the vector, the transporter, I was the Exocutioner..

My dial was set, there were rules but, if you just fudged a little, they could be over ridden, yes, I did override them, I made sure there was pain, I loved to watch them twist, I loved to see the knuckles go white, the blood run from under the hood, thier bodies jerk and stiffen as the electricity seared a path through it..

I take pride in my work.. I am the Exocutioner!

The End

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