The Breath Snatcher

She moved with grace, each step perfectly placed according to the primitive instinct of the huntress.  Oh, she could work her way into the souls of those who live the human way - it took only a purr, a rub, and a seductive dance of her tail.  But all of that was but camouflage for the working of her evil.

Oh yes, the hunt might take many days, but patience was her game, if not art.  As she could hold her paw in midstep for an hour, if need be, so she could bide her time until all seemed safe, when all caution had slipped away in slumber.  It would be then, in the quiet midnight in the house, when she would make her way up the stairs, through the opened door, up and onto the bedcovers ever so lightly.  Then pacing each step with the whisper of each breath, closer and closer she would come.  She would breath with the human, exchanging breath for breath, until ... she had snatched the child's breath away.  Then into the night, she would lose herself forever, to work her way into another human home.

The End

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