The Wasteland

Annabelle sighed as The John finally passed out. Not a moment to soon either...he just wouldn't shut up...I've never done this thing before...blah...blah..blah...divorce...blah...blah...You seem like a nice girl...blah blah blah...  Barek Oboma . She reached over into his pocket and slid out his wallet. Annabella sighed contently as she snooped through his wallet. The f**** actually had a picture of his dog in his wallet. Unfortunately he didn't have one of those gay little dogs...She would just change that when she was retelling the story.

The John groaned and said " Are you stealing from me?"

Annabelle sighed as if Bob was being an inconvience but oddly she did not give him back his wallet.

" You didn't think I'd actually sleep with you did you?" Annabelle said acidly

Bob knew he wasn't a bad looking man. Women had told him that. He was just lonely...and the hooker looked like a girl he had a crush on in highschool. He wasn't going to sleep with her. He certaintly didn't intend to fall asleep on top of her...He wasn't even tired..Well know he kinda of was.

Annabelle through his wallet back at him " Fourty bucks! I go through all this trouble for fourty bucks! God is that what you honestly think I'm worth!"

Annabelle huffed and looked around the room. Bob watched puzzled as the blurry girl lifted up something.

Annabelle lifted up an antique baseball and warned him " I'm taking this too"

Two hours later...

His touch sickened her. The bastard kissed her cheek and lended over her back. Walter watched her count the bills. Annabelle ignored the disapproving lines in her boyfriend's face. He went to the opposite side of the table and took the pile from her. Walter eyed the baseball and then looked up at Annabelle.

" What's this?"

" It's a baseball" Annabelle said dryly

" Not that, this!"

Walter threw the money in her face. Annabelle refused to look at him. She bent down and picked up the stray bills. When she was done all she smoothed her mini and sat down silently.

Walter didn,t notice. He was to busy examining the baseball. When he was done. He slapped the baseball on the kithen table. The table screeched in protest. But was quickly silenced.

" What am I going to do with a baseball? "

" It's autographed we could put it on ebay" Annabelle whispered

" Ebay! ebay!" Walter laughed " Oh you dumb b**** "

" I could put it on ebay"

" It's fine, you just won't get your pills now"

Annabelle snapped and started assulting the table as well. She slapped her palms down and rose to her full six feet. Intimating Walter seemed to be impossibe but she still tried.

" You know I need those to work. I can't work without them" Annabelle moaned

" Annie, You 're just not pretty when your desperate"

Two days later....

Bob didn't bother telling himself he wasn't looking for her. He was past denial. What other reason would he have for being in Hooker alley? Bob didn't care about his fourty bucks, Jade could keep it. He wanted his dignity back.

Bob found Jade walking and eating a Big Mac. She looked like she was in a hurry. What was she late for a blow job? Bob started honking his horn. She waved him by and shouted something.

Annabelle was on her break and in no mood for frat boys. Who else would honk like there was no tomorrow?

Oh yeah, the windows were tinted. Bob rolled down the window and started shouting her name.

Annabelle suddenly stopped and squinted " Pastor Dave?"

" No! No! It's me Bob, the guy you stole from"

Annabelle sighed dramaticaly and rolled her eyes " Get over it. Get insurance. Move on"

" I have insurance but that's not the point. I have hundred bucks, I want to talk to you"

Jade looked at him uncertainly. Like he was the town pervert who was always losing his dog...

Annabelle sighed dramatically and open his car door. She lended against it and said "Make it two hundred and we have a deal. "

Bob rolled his eyes and said " Fine"

Jade put on her seat belt and started finishing her big Mac. She chewed like a goat.

" Do you steal from all your clients?" Bob demanded

" What are you going to do call the cops? Not bloody likely" She said with her mouthful.

Bob sighed and started the car. He just started driving  around aimlessly.

" Why don't you get a real job like everyone else?"

Jade crinkled the last of her wrapper and threw it on the car floor. She replied " I do have a real job"

Bob looked at her stupified " Then why do you do THIS!"

" Were in a recession. I was doing this before the rec-"

Bob interrupted " You couldn't just work at Macdonlds?"

She worked at Burger King. Burger King was accross town. Where not of her " Clients" would go...

" Okay what do you do for a living big boy" Annabelle spat.

" I sell cars"

He worked seven days a week. His job called for long hours but he always did that little extra. Bob's ex wife and well all of his ex girlfriend's called him a workaholic. It was true but now he was finically secure. He didn't have to worry about retirement.

" If you sell cars why are you driving this piece of-"

" This is a lexus"

" Whatever, are we done yet?"

Bob muttered " No"

" I'm going to have to charge you more soon" Jade said matterfactly

" God, Is this all we all are to you, just a walking payday!"

" Pretty much"

" I feel sorry for you. I really do" Bob retorted

" Whatever" She said as she started biting her tongue

" God your just a wasteland"

Annabelle snapped and slapped. She backhanded Bob like a man...if men actually backhanded. Bob  stared at her dumbfoundedly. Annabelle just stared at him fuming. She was not a wasteland. Well actually she was a wasteland but that didn't mean he could point it out.

Annabelle opened up the car door. Bob swore and the breaks screeched. Annabelle slamed her head on the dash board. There was already a bump there but she didn't seem to notice it. Jade started unbuckling her seat belt. Bob grabbed her arm. Annabelle scowled at him and threw his arm off of her.

" That's fifty bucks" She gritted

" What's fifty bucks?"

" It's fifty bucks to beat me up"

Bob didn,t think he actually was stupified ever, not until right this moment. Bob started to yell out incoherently " I just wanted to check out your forehead!"

Jade waved at him dissmissely " God I wish I could drug you right now"

" Drug me? You drugged me?! You drugged me and stole my wallet"

" I can't get a loose roast beef vagina. It's just not professional" Jade said dryly

" Why are you still here?" Bob said acidly.

" My seat belt's stuck"

Bob grunted and unsnapped the seat belt and pushed her out of the car. Jade tumbled out and laid on the pavement laughing like a hyenia. Bob threw a random pile of bills at her. Jade grabbed the bills closests to her and clutched it to her chest and continued laughing. Bob slamed the car door closed and drove away.He didn't hear Annabelle's giggles turn to sobbs.

The End

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