Blaine was the sort of person who asked you how you were doing just to make sure you weren't having a good day. A typical conversation with Blaine would sound something like this:

"Hi! How are you?"

"I'm great, thanks for asking, stranger!"

Right about then, Blaine would develop a devious sort of smile, and the next thing the poor soul unfortunate enough to meet him would know, they'd be nursing a kicked and quickly swelling shin. Once, a particularly optimistic man tried to smile if off, for some reason. He doesn't smile anymore; Blaine kicked out his teeth to make sure of it.

You may ask yourself, "Why is he like this? Did his parents beat him? Was he bullied?" perhaps as a means of justifying his violent and sociopathic manner. However, you would be disappointed to know that he has no good reason for his behaviour, unless you care to blame it on demonic possession. I think most experts would agree, though, that even demons wouldn't want to be anywhere near him.

Blaine had a pretty normal childhood. He was raised upper-middle-class, had nice parents who took good care of him, and had an older sister who loved him dearly. This must have displeased him, though, because on his tenth birthday he threw his ten-flaming-candle-clad-cake at his mother's face and proceeded to murder everyone at the party with the knife they'd handed to him so he could cut the cake.

And he's cunning, too; he managed to rig the crime scene to appear as if someone had broken in and gone on a rampage while he was in the bathroom. Who suspects a normal, happy ten year old boy of murdering his family on his birthday?

He continued a life of remorseless killing, maiming, and injuring for a good six years or so, but this kind of thing eventually catches up with you, regardless of whether or not the law is onto you. On the six year anniversary of his first mass-murdering, he was hit by a bus and killed instantly.

He doesn't seem to mind, though. In fact, he seems to enjoy his life as a vengeful spirit even more; it's just that much easier to make people's lives a living hell when you're a demon.

The End

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