Just Your Average Villain

His eyes shone, almost as white as his sharp pointy teeth.

He watched, grinning menacingly, as bodies fell, red and screaming under the slashing and beating of his minion's varied weaponry. His army was pummeling its way across the valley.

The mountain fortress's balcony was the ideal height from which to view the carnage. He rested his elbows on the arms of his throne and touched his fingertips together, satisfied. His evil grin turned smug as his army pushed the enemies back to their very encampment.

He watched as the soldiers, riding heads above the infantrymen aboard great horned beasts, took the army's left wing and quickly decimated it.

The evil horde greatly outnumbered the puny army now making a hasty retreat. It was almost sad that only a few would live to be tortured in his dungeon.

Ah, well. He'd at least be able to have some fun with them, testing poisons, new weapons, and pitting them against creatures in the arena.

He stood and left his outdoor throne on the balcony. He knew how this show ended.

The End

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