Little Assain Girl

His hand caressed Cait's cheek. And he purred " Angela I didn't realize you had a daughter"

Angela chocked down the bile and laughed nervously " Hardly ever see her anymore teenagers you know"

Cait was thirteen. At thirteen she was already more of a woman than her mother. Her hips were just beganing to curve but she was already very well endowed. Cait wasn't a woman though. She liked to giggle and gossip over the phone, Hello kitty and the Jonas Brothers. Angela had been a beauty once but she was beginning to look like what she was a drug addicted prosititute. Meth was her abusive boyfriend.

Carl's hand left the the twitching girl's face and landed on the small of her back. Cait didn't dare pull away. Her hands unconciously fluttered towards her mother. She looked at her mother. Her mother looked at her feet.

Carl looked at Cait and said " You want the best for your mother right?"

Cait shook in agreement.

" We both know your mother owes me alot of money, how do you think she can pay for it? " Carl said as he rubbed Cait's back

Cait briefly looked at him and then darted towards her mother. Angela looked up at her daughter in shame. Cait knew it was bad but not this bad...Her pimp and drug dealer never had visited her at home. Maybe visited was the wrong word...Carl never broke down the doors for money. Carl would knock and Cait would hide and cover her ears as Carl beat up her mother. Her mother would beg for more time and eventually Carl would give her more time. It was like he was just there for kicks...

Angela blurted " Carl I'll get you your money"

Carl clucked his tongue " I've heard that one too many time before"

Angela shouted " I will! In the mean time...take...take the tv!"

Carl rolled his eyes " Angela that thing is older than I am"

Carl started playing with Cait's hair. Cait flinched away. But for some reason her feet weren't working. Her whole body felt leaden. She couldn't run away and her mother wouldn't save her.

Carl muttered " What I need is something younger, healthier"

Angela begged " Our computer is just two years old"

Carl looked at Cait and said " I found something I like better"

Just like that I died. I'm not Cait anymore. I'm Bebe. Bebe the high class hooker. Carl's favorite girl. He still likes my back and my hair. He's going to be mad that I cut it.  He's going to be mad when I shoot off his face...

The End

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