Stranger on a PlaneMature

Everyone knows at least one rotten person. Everyone probably hates one. Samuel Etheredge is rotten to the core.

Samuel Etheridge slouched back in his airplane seat, a baseball cap pulled forward, hiding his eyes. In a small slit between his cap visor and his nose he could see the pregnant woman coming down the aisle toward the bathroom for the fourth time. This annoyed him immensely. There was no reason that it should. It was a huge charter plane to Hawaii, and there were three double banks of bathrooms. It's not like he had to compete with her for a stall. He just hated pregnant women. All women in general, actually. Children, too. He was just an all around hateful guy.

As the expectant mom passed his seat, Samuel stuck his foot out just enough to trip her, and send her careening forward. A big guy stepped out of the adjoining seats, right in front of her. He caught her and steadied her on her feet. 

"Thanks, mister. A bad fall might have hurt the baby,"she said shakily.

"Not a problem, ma'am," he smiled and stepped aside so she could continue down the aisle. As he did so, his sports jacket opened enough to show his shirt. On the pocket was a police badge that said Lieutenant Arthur Clement, with a badge number.

"Now why would you do such a cruel thing? She could have lost the baby. She looks to be only six months along," he said as he glared at Samuel.

"Do what? I was sleeping," he shrugged. Samuel was a coward who never took responsibility for his actions.

Arthur knelt in the aisle and flicked Samuel's ball cap back enough to show his face.

"I saw you, you prick! Do anything dangerous to another person again, and you won't live to tell about it," the cop growled deep in his throat.

"Oh I'm so scared," Samuel said in a snotty tone.

"You should be," Arthur said as he turned and went down the aisle.

Samuel shivered. He actually was scared. The cop was twice his size, but that wasn't the only reason he shivered. There was a sudden icy chill in the air. He looked down the aisle. The cop must have sat down somewhere. He was nowhere in sight. Taking courage, he got up and went down to the tiny galley between sections of the plane. A rolling tray of mixed alcoholic drinks had been temporarily abandoned while the attendant had her back turned, filling a plastic bucket of ice. Samuel picked up two, and quietly spit in the other four. He walked back to his seat, where he grinned evilly as he enjoyed the two free drinks that someone else had already paid for.

When he was finished, he walked toward the bathrooms where he intended to get rid of the two Styrofoam cups which were evidence of his stolen drinks. On the way, he saw a woman in the seats across from him take a pack of peanuts from her four year old, and scold him.

"No you don't Dennis. You're allergic. One peanut could kill you. Here, have this apple instead."

The boy gave up the peanuts and bit into his apple contentedly.  Samuel returned to his seat and lay back and snoozed for a bit. He was a light sleeper. Sudden movement from across the aisle woke him up. Dennis' mom had gotten up to go to the bathroom. Out of sorts for being woken up, he fished a packet of peanuts out of his pocket and leaned across the aisle.

"Hey Dennis, do you want these peanuts?" he asked as he shook the bag in front of the boy.

As Dennis reached for them, Lieutenant Clement appeared out of nowhere and grabbed the peanuts before the boy could get them.

"You bastard. You know those could kill him. I warned you not to do anything dangerous to harm someone, and now you're going to pay for it," he said as he pushed the peanuts into his pocket.

He grabbed Samuel around the neck with both hands and bodily lifted him out of his seat. Samuel struggled mightely and just managed to free himself. He punched the big guy in the chest with his balled-up fist.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" he screamed as his whole body went right through the cop's chest. He fell face down on the floor, then rolled over just in time to see Arthur disappear right before his eyes. 

Samuel was stunned and scared shitless. He scrambled to his feet and ran down the aisle, but there was nowhere to go but the back of the plane where there was an emergency exit on each side. He huddled down in the tail of the plane, trying to make himself as small as possible. Arthur appeared again in front of Samuel.

"You ...  you're a ghost?"he gasped.

"Yes. I died in a plane crash three years ago. Reusable parts of that plane was used to refurbish this one. I've been here since then, keeping everyone safe - except you, asshole. This is what you get for the attempted murder of an innocent child!"

The cop grabbed Samuel with one hand, and opened the emergency door on the left. He pushed Samuel through it and closed it before the air pressure in the cabin could be compromised, then dematerialized. He walked silently and invisibly up and down the aisles, making sure that no one was choking on food, or anything else that might cause harm to the passengers.

The End

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