Diabolically Villainous Challenge

In a society that looks on the good as the "right way," it's curious to see that it's the villains that are some of the most interesting characters. The challenge in a nutshell: give us a villain that we'd love to hate.

I don't believe it's customary for a person to issue more than one challenge at a time, but often times I'm not about the customary.

Throughout the course of my reading career, I’ve seen some great character development out there. I’m going to take advantage of that.

The objective of the challenge: I want you to give me a villain of some sort.

You can describe in words, in dialogue, with action, or whatever, but give me a vivid picture. I want to be able to loath him or her, but I don’t want to feel guilty about it.  Give us a reason (or several) to absolutely love to hate this person.  There can be something tragic in the past that causes one to sympathize with this person, but make us get over pity quickly.

Need examples?  Think Javert from Les Miserables, Compeyson in Great Expectations, Iago in Othello.  You get the idea?

One small condition: I do not have this string marked "mature" and I do not want to mark it mature.  If there's absolutely no way to keep your entry from those waters, leave a comment notifying me to mark the challenge as such.

Good luck, godspeed, "Force be with you," feliz navidad, etc, etc, etc.

The End

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