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Malik's grip on the weapons tightened and blood drained from his fingers, what in the hell is going on?! Kat retrieved a specially modified Colt .45 from her holster and stayed just behind his right flank. The red lights glare gave off an eerie sensation that Malik couldn't shake as the two moved closer to the elevators. By now, the hundred or so hunters in the building would be taking up their weapons and rushing to the front lobby. 

Kat tapped Malik’s shoulder and gave him a worried look, they were pressed against the wall. Malik shook his head and ignored her gaze; Kat was always one to let her emotions blind her in extreme situations. The elevator hummd as it rose to meet the hunters.  

"Take the right," Malik hissed. Kat winced at his angry tone but instead of retorting she held her tongue. Getting back at Malik for his insensitivity would have to come later. The elevator's bell chimed, allowing the hunters to quickly slide inside. Shuddering, the elevator car began to descend towards the lobby. Malik eyed the floor number display, bile rising in the back of his throat. The closer they got to the ground, the better he could feel the presence; it was a vampire, a very powerful vampire. His mind kept revolving around the one name he had, his only clue...Markov. 

Kat stared at Malik's eyes fill with waves of emotion; his hands were white knuckle gripping the pistols that rested against his shoulders. She seriously questioned his sanity at the moment, but as they passed the third floor, curiosity got the better of her common sense. 

"Is it a vampire...your father?" Malik's eyes snapped to Kat's. A grimace flickered across his face; how she could be so childish, asking questions he wished he had the answer to. He let out a repressed growl and avoided her probing blue eyes; she was what Malik pictured a little sister to be like; sweet, concerned, and maybe a bit naive. 

"Kat," He replied holding back all his anger and concern "It's a vampire, a powerful one. Is it my father? I only wish. I want to meet the son of a bitch that raped my mother and look him in the eyes." Malik's fingers tightened around the black steel triggers. "I want to ask him why! Why he raped her, why didn't he kill me when I was born...Then before I kill him, I'm going to make him beg and plead for his life! He'll apologize a thousand times over and I'll never believe him." 

Kat watched her pale friend, seeing the rage and thirst for revenge seeping out of his pores. She wanted to reach over and assure him that he'd get back at his father, that everything would work itself out. She swallowed hard, watching as the floor number reached one. Malik nodded as the doors eased open with a metallic whine. 


Both of the hunters spun out from the elevators interior, bathing in the lobbies red warning lights, some occasionally flickering from their lack of use. Kat checked the right side of the lobby, taking slow, calculated steps. Malik on the other hand made no efforts to move, his nose already told him everything. The musky smell of damp earth with traces of blood and city rain, the vampire was in the room...somewhere.  

"Clear," Kat said, her teeth snagging on her lower lip. Malik leaned his head left and right, registering a satisfying crack. His eyes scanned the room's shadows, pistols swinging to his sides. The lobby was still intact, nothing moved or broken. The front doors were shut and the palm scanner on the wall nearby, winked happily. Where are you? Malik thought taking a few steps to the middle of the room and holding his weapons out to the sides, the silvery barrels tilted towards the ceiling. 

"Malik Delacroix, my, how you've grown." A friendly, warm voice echoed. A small breeze made the hunter's clothes flutter as the vampire appeared before the door. Malik and Kat's weapons immediately leveled on the vampire's head. The creature smiled, offering them a slow, monotonous clap. Malik narrowed his eyes and Kat gritted her teeth.

"So much like your father and yet you have your mother's eyes." Malik froze where he stood; this vampire knew his father and his mother. He stared at the vampire; he was at least 5' 11" with cold grey eyes. Light blonde hair stretched just above his ears, making the creatures pale face seem sculpted from bone. Malik gradually lowered his weapons, his heart picking up pace within his ribs. 

"Kat, lower your weapons." Malik commanded, not taking his eyes off the vampire. The other hunters would be here soon, they only had a precious few minutes. The vampire had come deliberately to their stronghold; he was sending a message alone with that audacity. Add on top, of that the nearing approach of sunrise. Over all, the whole situation favored Malik and the hunters. Kat starred at Malik, never had he lowered his weapon in the presence of a vampire...something was aggitating her friend. Grudgingly, she lowered the Colt.

"Thank you," the vampire said, with a flourishing bow.

Malik growled. "I'm not in the mood for your formalities. Tell me what you want so that I may kill you, heartless creature!" The vampire rolled his eyes and snorted in amusement. 

"Isn't my showing of rational thought enough to prove that vampires are not the heartless monsters you imagine them to be?" the creature paused, making Malik feel a sliver of self doubt. Instantly he buried that feeling beneath all of his hate. The imagined picture of his vampire father raping his mother. Vampires are heartless!

"Not enough proof bloodsucker." He raised one of the pistols and felt the muscles in his legs tighten. 

"Now who are you? How do you know my name...and my parents?" Kat watched Malik bristle, hearing the whisper of nearing footsteps. The other hunters were getting close and when they arrived, no one would take Malik's precaution to dig for information. They'd just shoot and stake indiscriminately, none of them had a vendetta like Malik. The vampire flicked his gaze to Kat and smirked, she scowled, raising her weapon as well. 

"Jumpy group aren't you?" he sighed. "My name is Lee, I am a long time friend of your father. He sent me here, Malik. He wants to meet you desperately. There are many things you don't know or have wrong, young Dhampir." Malik laughed, it was a harsh and icy laugh that made Kat shiver. 

"Well, Lee, I am desperate to meet my father too. I've been searching for him my entire life. He and I need to have a face to face chat, catch up on old times and then end with a good staking!" Lee stared sternly at Malik, hearing the footsteps only moments away. 

"You should evaluate what you truly know, Dhampir; everything you believe is a lie! Three days from now, just after sundown. On the roof of the Grand Hotel down town. Bring no weapons, do not be late, and come al0ne!" Malik and Kat pulled their triggers, firing, as Lee shifted and dissipated into nothing. Their bullets struck the wall, creating tiny explosions in the concrete. Suddenly more bullets whipped over Kat's shoulder and zinged around Malik, shattering the glass doors and windows. 

"Stop shooting!" Malik growled turning on them, the large group of mixed faces grew still. All of the vampire hunters froze, most that didn't know him feared what he was. To them, half vampire was a bad as being a normal vampire. Malik couldn't blame them, but he couldn't change what he was. "You three," he said pointing to the youngest hunters. "Clean up and replace the glass. The rest of you, return to your quarters." Grumbles and moans passed through most of the group as they thinned out. Kat moved to the palm scanner and deactivated the lock down. The lights returned to their normal white-ish yellow glow. 

"You're not going to face your father are you?" Her voice filled with concern and shock. Malik turned his back to her, holstering the pistols. She could see that his breaths were measured, forced to stay calm. He got that way whenever she tried to be his conscience, closed minded and numbingly cold. 

"I'm going, and I will kill him!" Malik disappeared into the building, moving up the stairs and to the showers. Stripping away his blood soaked clothes, Malik felt the steaming water splash across his pale, icy skin. All his efforts, every dead pile of ash and every friend he saw murdered...his mother’s rape and subsequent death. All of it was going to be avenged, his mind would be cleared and maybe life would turn around. A small smile crossed his lips, I could even take Kat out to lunch for a day too...she'd like that. A small knot tightened in his gut as he stepped from the shower. The way he had been treating his friend was shitty at best, it wasn't on purpose, Malik was just short tempered during his late night searches. 

Soon all that would change; maybe he could share a laugh with her over all this. Toweling off, he moved to his bedroom and pulled on a pair of boxers. Sleep was beckoning him towards the bed's warm, soft sheets and Malik all too happily obliged. 

The End

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